Long story short,
I design & develop.

...and I like to tinker

Featured Projects

Marine Depot

An ecommerce site that sells aquarium supplies built with Bootstrap and ASP.net

Marine Depot Blog

A blog for an aquarium ecommerce site built with Bootstrap and powered by WordPress

Mike Yoon Photography Blog

A Wordpress blog for a photographer displaying his work. Built from scratch with Bootstrap.

AquaMaxx Aquarium

A brochure site that displays different aquarium supplies and it's description. This project was built with Bootstrap powered by WordPress.

Budget App

A small web app made from HTML, Ionic CSS Framework, and pure JavaScript to calculate a monthly budget.

Trending Songs App

Using ReactJS and last.fm's API, this app is able to pull an artist's top trending songs with how many people listened to the song.

Prism Glasses Shop

A small shopping cart app made with VueJS and Tachyons.

About Me

Based in the busy city of Los Angeles I am currently finding ways to improve things whether it is digitally or mechanically.

Finding flaws and improving it was something I've unconsiously done which has conditioned me to always look for problems and improve them.

This process inspired me to learn new techniques and methods on how I am constantly seeking knowledge in both design and development.

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